Powder Coating

Q1. How big of parts can you spray?

A. Our oven is 8ft wide 8ft tall and 16ft deep. If you're unsure of the dimensions or if they're close give us a call to discuss some options. If we can fit it in any way we will spray it!

Q2. What is your lead time?

A. Our average lead time is 5 business days for a large run of parts depending on color. Please call to get an updated specific lead time for your project.


Q1. How big of parts can you sandblast?

A. Our sandblast booth is 14ft wide 9ft tall and 20ft deep. 

Motorcycle Parts

Q1. When will my item arrive?

A. Please allow 3-7 business days for production and packaging. Your item/items will be shipped as they are completed.

Domestic orders normally arrive within 3-7 days of shipping, unless otherwise noted.

Q2. Are these products made in China and drop shipped from Tach Industries?

A. No. All of our products are manufactured in Mesa, Arizona. Proudly made in America.